Berliner Inselwelt

Ein Poster mit 104 Berliner Inseln, 2016

Sorted Cities

Sorted Cities, 2015

Reading Belgium

Reading Belgium, 2015

Brussels cut outs

Cut out Brussles streets, 2015

Prison Typlogy

Patterns of confinement, 2015

Cityscapes & Houses

A selection of paintings around the theme of cityscapes and houses, 2007-2014

Masks of Modernities

Masks of Modernities Project                                                                          


A series of paintings based on postcards, 2012.                                                                          


A series of monument paintings, 2012                                                                         


A selection of sculptures, 2006-2012                                                                          

Box Creature

A flexible toy, 2013                                                                          

'Vorne Fahrn'

Artwork in the Berlin Underground, 2012                                                                         

Box Culture

A project about an invented urban culture's artwork, 2008-2010