Hi, my name is Hans Hack

This is a selection of my work. I'm a data visualizer, map maker and artist working as a freelancer in Berlin. I work with Javascript (front end and back end), databases, open source GIS tools, image editing programs and whatever might come handy to realise a project. You need help to visualise, get or analyse data, find creative ways to get your message across or just want to have a chat? Feel free to contact me:

twitter: @hnshck
address: Berlin

Selected clients: Asian Development Bank, Brand Eins, Monde diplomatique, taz, Tagesspiegel, VICE, WWF, Zeit Online

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How many cars

A map that shows cars in Berlin, 2022


Kieznaturkarte (Nature map)

Explore Berlins nature, 2022


Incora Dashboard

A land use exploration dashboard, 2022


Point in History

Explore historical boundaries around a given point, 2022


Fairer Stadtplan

A fairtrade map for Berlin, 2022


Datawrapper Locator Maps

Locator map creator, 2018-2022


Car tagger

A car tagging tool, 2021


Magic Mapping Club

The Magic Mapping Club teaches you how to make interactive maps and show-off your spatial data, 2019



A collection of geotools, 2020


Retreats from Streets

Find places away from busy streets, 2020



A tool to present reports from Berlins districts, 2019



A figure-ground diagram poster tool, 2018



A project about cycling in Berlin, 2018


Random Roberto

A map with randomly distributed colors, 2019


Green Berlin

Berlin reimagined as a very green city, 2019



Visualising research findings for the newspaper taz, 2018


Drowning Berlin in simulation

A experimental depiction of sea-level rise, 2018

--->about: medium

Tutorial: OSM Filter

How to extract geodata from OpenStreetMap with Osmfilter, 2018


Places of inaccessibility

A journey of discovery to the points in Germany furthest away from streets, 2017



An open source tool to turn data into beautiful charts - in no time, 2017


Nigerian rural electrification plans

A tool to explore the rural electrification plans for 5 Nigirian states, 2017

client GIZ, NESP, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

One Dot one Berliner

A population desity map experiment, 2017


Myanmar off-grid analytics

A tool to explore the potential for off-grid electrification, 2017

client Asian Development Bank, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

Calender Maker

A tool to generate multiple images on the basis of a editable spreadsheet, 2017

client Brand Eins

Reprojected Destruction

Aleppo's destruction reprojected onto London and Berlin, 2017

---> hanshack.com/aleppo

Coal phase-out

WWF transformation scenario for coal-fired power plants, 2017

---> zukunft-stromsystem.de
client WWF

High resolution aerial images

1000x90cm high-res images for an exhibtion, based on multiple aerial images of Berlin, 2017

client Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen

Analytics Tool

A tool for analysing data for an exhibition about Stasi Topography in Berlin, 2017

client Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen

Wo Deutschland rechts wählt

Bundestag elections since 1990 - how support for far-right parties has shifted east, 2017

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Grenze zu Mexiko

Place Trump's planned Wall anywhere on a world map, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Babyboom in Berlin

Birth rate development in Berlin, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Time Travel

Compare aerial images of Berlin in 1953 and today, 2016

---> website
with Morgenpost interactive team

Im Land der Untertassen

UFO sightings in Germany from 1945-2016, 2016

---> ufoland.info

Berliner Inselwelt

A poster with all of Berlin's 104 islands, 2016

---> hanshack.com/inselwelt


Edit maps and save them as svg, png or geoJson, 2016

---> hanshack.com/mapxtract

Interactive electrification planning

A tool to explore electrification coverage in Nigeria, 2016

client GIZ, Integration, Reiner Lemoine Institut

Wie Misereor Geflüchteten hilft

Interactive grafic about how Misereor is helping refugees, 2016

---> website
client Misereor


Exaggerated city heights in 3D, 2016

---> hanshack.com/alpen


Berlin's east- west division in today's public transport, 2016

---> hanshack.com/verbindungslinien

Flüchtlinge in Deutschland 2015

Refugee policies in Germany's federal states, 2016

---> website
client Boell Stiftung

Sorted Cities

Building footprints sorted by size, 2015

---> hanshack.com/sorted-cities

Reading Belgium

Footprints of various different building types in Belgium, 2015

---> hanshack.com/belgium

Brussels cut outs

Cut outs of streets in Brussels, 2015

---> hanshack.com/brusslescutouts

Prison Typlogy

Patterns of confinement, 2015

---> hanshack.com/prisons


A map showing the distribution of medium-sized IT companies in Germany, 2015

---> bitkom.org/mittelstandsatlas
for lokaler


A tool for fast and pretty map design, 2015

for lokaler


Talkshow monitor of the four largest talkshows in Germany, 2015

---> apps.lokaler.de/meinungsmaschine
for lokaler


Traces of war in Berlin's street names, 2014

---> hanshack.com/strassenkrieg

If Gaza or Israel was in ...

What if Gaza or Israel was in your city ?, 2014

---> apps.lokaler.de/israelgaza
for lokaler


A georefrenced paper cut map, 2014<

---> hanshack.com/maps.html

Berliner U-Bahn

Berlin's U-Bahn map stretched onto its real geography, 2014

---> hanshack.com/ubahn

Animated Map of Berlin

Animated map of Berlin, consisting of 3 layers, some fading and a map made with postgis, 2014

---> hanshack.com/animatedmap.html

Land use tool

A tool to get the land use based on OSM Data, 2014

---> hanshack.com/flaechentool

Masks of Modernities

Masks of Modernities Project

---> hanshack.com/masks.html

Cityscapes & Houses

A selection of paintings around the theme of cityscapes and houses, 2007-2014

---> hanshack.com/cityscapes.html


A series of monument paintings, 2012

---> hanshack.com/monuments.html

'Vorne Fahrn'

Artwork in the Berlin Underground, 2012

---> hanshack.com/vorne-fahrn.html


A series of paintings based on postcards, 2012.

---> hanshack.com/postcards.html