About the prints
  • A1 on 140g paper
  • Prices for pictures from the gallery:
  • 27 Euro within Germany (postage included)
  • 35 Euro within EU (postage included)

Custom prints
  • Posters of an area of your choice - please send me the name of the district or specific coordinates.
  • Posters showing buildings with a specific type of use in a chosen area - such as schools, theatres or places of worship.
  • Posters of an image created with the tool - please send me the coordinates displayed underneath the image.
  • Posters with a specific building highlighted in a different colour - please send me the address.
  • Any other requests? Let me know.
  • Prices for custom prints will be agreed on a case by case basis

How to order prints
  • Write me an e-mail with the order information (poster name, quantity, address).
  • You will receive an invoice via e-mail.
  • The poster will be delivered by DPD (Germany) or DHL (EU).

Note: The posters are based on open data from OpenStreetMap this means the data might not always be available or accurate.